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PAR collectively represents the majority of autism and intellectual disability services and supports in Pennsylvania. PAR Provider Members provide nearly 2/3 of the $4 billion of community services and supports to individuals who have intellectual disability or autism in Pennsylvania, along with their families. Our members support tens of thousands of people in nearly 9,000 locations throughout the state and employ over 50,000 Pennsylvanians including a large Direct Support Professional workforce.

You are welcome to host our Proud Member of PAR or the standard PAR logo on your website!

PAR offers two types of membership, outlined below:

Provider Membership

Provider Membership is for organizations that provide intellectual disability, autism and/or early intervention services in Pennsylvania. If your organization is not a PAR Provider Member, we encourage you to take time to learn about the many benefits of Provider Membership, as they add immeasurable value to eligible organizations. 

Annual Dues for Provider Members are based on your organization's most recent audited revenues for intellectual disability, autism, and early intervention services provided in Pennsylvania. First time Provider Members will receive a 50% Welcome Discount (to be no less than the provider dues minimum of $1,056) during the first four full quarters. 

Please contact the PAR Office for more information about Provider Membership!

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for organizations or individuals within the private sector who are interested in networking with PAR Provider Members. Associate Members do not provide intellectual disability, autism and/or early intervention services, but provide products and services to those who do. Among PAR Associate Members include attorneys, consultants, accounting firms, banks, food services, IT professionals, pharmacies, insurance companies, and many others.

Becoming an Associate Member in PAR opens the door for organizations to network with PAR Provider Members throughout the year by attending PAR General Membership Meetings, sponsoring various events (including the annual PAR Solutions Conference) and more! Annual Dues for Associate Members are $1,440. Learn more about the benefits of PAR's Associate Membership

After becoming an Associate Member, organizations receive a membership certificate at the next General Membership Meeting, along with a minute to introduce the organization to all those in attendance. General Membership Meetings typically host 130-140 CEOs, Fiscal Officers, Management and other key staff from across the state.

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 For more information about membership opportunities, please contact the PAR office at 717-236-2374 or email [email protected].