PAR is advocating to the administration and legislature to hear the voice of families and individuals with Intellectual Disability or Autism. PAR asked individuals who receive ID/A services and their family members to record short videos to advocate to the Governor and legislators about why it is critical to fund these services to keep them afloat during the COVID-19-pandemic. Please watch the videos below from Pennsylvanians advocating for these services and for the Direct Support Professionals who provide them!

Read about the importance of HCBS services in this blog post by parent activist Cheryl Dougan & self-advocate Renzo Dougan Viscardi titled, “A Good Life Depends on Home and Community-Based Services.”

Please watch & share this compilation of the videos received by PAR with a message to the Governor and our legislators from individuals and family members.


Kathy // Provider Employee

Melissa // Provider Employee

Katie // Provider Employee


Tammy // Provider Employee

Nick // DSP

Crickett // Provider Employee

Margo & Steve // Parents 

Cheryl // DSP

Shelby // DSP

Karen // Self Advocate

Julia and Kim // Mother and Daughter

Claudia // Mother


Christine Reiderer // Sister


Michael Malone // Self Advocate



Joe McGrath // Father


Jean McCoubrey // Mother



Judy DiLeo // Mother


Sherry Sullivan // Mother



Marianna Connors // Sister


Norman Connors // Brother



Mary Beth Veri // Sister


Joyce Sprowson // Family Member



Marlene Sanchez // Self Advocate


George Garces // Father



Karen Hines // Sister


Alex Rodweller // Self Advocate



Dan Salvato // Father


Anna Sangle // Sister



Marjorie Fisher // Mother


Steve and Leslie Huckaby // Parents