What is PARedu?

No, we did not become a university overnight. However, we are here to educate! PARedu will offer a combination of educational trainings, development programs and informative webinars, organized by PAR, that are available to PAR members and non-members. We believe that training and development for our industry presents prime learning opportunities to expand one's knowledge base in various subjects which in turn strengthens the capacity of your team.

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Supporting A Life of Possibilities Through Technology and Innovative Solutions

Wednesday // October 27
9:00 am // Virtual
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This year has presented tremendous opportunities for innovative thinking and new strategies to support a meaningful life for people in service through technology. It is essential that technology is embedded into all aspects of service provision with a focus on achieving individual outcomes. This collaborative mindset has allowed SPIN to combine efforts to support a person’s full life: independence, community engagement, and employment. Restructuring our services to more efficiently support people when and where it is needed creates a balance of personal growth and effective use of resources. Technology empowers Direct Support Professionals by giving them the tools to move beyond “doing for” and move toward a focus on empowerment for people with disabilities.

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The Evaluation of "Nothing by Mouth" (NPO) Status and Appropriateness for Feeding Tube Weaning

Wednesday // November 3
9:00 am // Virtual
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Eating is a cultural, social, and human experience that is universally enjoyed. Many people consume food by mouth, however, in some cases individuals may require a feeding tube to receive nutrition. There are a variety of reasons a feeding tube is recommended including but not limited to: aspiration, dysphagia, cancer, malnutrition, etc. Interdisciplinary teams should collaborate to complete a thorough case history and evaluation to determine appropriateness for food/drink trials and need for further specialty evaluations. This presentation will focus on the prevalence of feeding tubes within the IDD population and the need for ongoing evaluation to determine appropriateness for oral diets to maximize quality of life. We will explore the rationale for feeding tube placement and NPO or ‘nothing by mouth’ status, followed by the rationale for feeding tube removal. Discussion will review the interdisciplinary approach to determine the prerequisites for tube feeding weaning and analysis of case studies.

The training is being offered for 1 Continuing Education (CE) hour for the State Board of Nursing.

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What's Your Message - Your 3 Seconds of Fame!/"Go To Your Room" - Stress Reductions for Everyone! 

Wednesday // November 10
9:00 am // Virtual
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You have probably found yourself in some type of social situation when a friend, new acquaintance or family member asks, “So what do you do at XYZ agency or school? ”You have three seconds, yep only three seconds, to provide a meaningful, memorable response! What would you say? If you don’t know or need 10 minutes to explain it, you need this training. During this training you will learn the importance of creating a positive emotional connection with yourstakeholders and others. You will learn how to assure that you, your Board and all staff members all have and use the same Critical 3-Second Message.

In this training, participants will learn:

  1. How to create a positive emotional 3-Second Message!
  2. How to assure that you, your Board and staff use this message.
  3. Why BRANDING, BRANDING, BRANDING is critical to your message.
  4. How to assure your brand creates an instant recognition of your agency!
  5. How to positively challenge your logo and branding! P.S. it’s not easy!

BONUS Module Training: 

And because we realize the amount of stress and frustration you may be under during this pandemic, we have added a bonus stress reduction module to this training! From the pandemic, staffing issues, new regulations, to rules and funding changes, the ID/A field is rife with anxiety, tension and STRESS! Most staff members have no idea how to relax and reduce these ongoing TENSIONS! In this entertaining and meaningful presentation, participants will be taught how to give yourself a break before you break someone you serve, other staff, a friend or significant other.

In this bonus module, participants will learn:

  1. The three major negative health impacts of stress.
  2. The three positive health benefits of stress reduction.
  3. The steps involved in “GOING TO YOUR ROOM!”
  4. The actual experience of “GOING TO THEIR ROOM!
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Wednesday // December 8
9:00 am // Virtual
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Nearly 40% of staff report leaving their jobs because of feeling “underappreciated!” The old styles of leadership are no longer effective given a new staff generation, new technologies, and new issues never- before encountered. Through a seriously humorous presentation Mr. Speaks and Dr. Greg will discuss the art and science of appreciation which will assist in expanding your LEADERSHIP TOOL KIT!