Meet the PAR Team


Kammi comes to PAR with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design, specializing in graphics and advertising, from Kutztown University. And with over a decade of professional experience, she has accumulated quite the closet of hats. On any given day you may see her wearing her designer dunce cap, production patrol hat, marketing mitre and last but not least, her halo.

When Kammi isn’t meticulously multitasking, you can find her enjoying nature with her dog child, exploring foods from all regions of the world and attending outside concerts.



Candy has been the knower of all things “PAR” for over 22 years. We’re thankful for her extraordinary organization and memory of details, ranging from member history to leadership changes over the last two decades. She also doubles as our board meetings, events and conference planner.

When Candy isn’t busy playing office wrangler, you can find her either tap dancing, quietly quilting, baking or taking long walks. But she is also known for her fabulous hospitality - she will never let you go hungry! Just ask her four children or 7 grandkids or in fact, any PAR member!

  Mark Davis is the President and CEO of PAR. Mr. Davis is actively involved with the American Network for Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), serving as co-chair of the Alternative Payment Model Workgroup and as a member of the Government Relations Advisory Committee. Previously, Mark was the President of the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA). As president of OPRA, Mr. Davis helped design and implement innovative system reforms for Ohioans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As part of his role at OPRA, he was co-chair of Advocates for Ohio’s Future, a broad-based health and human services coalition of almost 500 organizations.

Ilana graduated from Dickinson College with a B.A in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. During this time, she assisted researchers who were doing research on Bolivian Democracy and maternal healthcare. Her passion for research and writing even won her an award! However, the main focus of her education was on sustainable community development and ever since her class on the Politics of Parks, she now enjoys visiting them locally. She even finds herself checking out parks while traveling! Oh, and let’s not forget was an intern for Parks and Rec. No, not the show!

When Ilana is not busy learning, she is busy loving. She worked at a therapeutic horseback riding program for 6 years in Virginia, where she taught riding lessons to children and adults with disabilities. She also enjoys art and music and proclaims she makes “the best key lime pie”. Maybe if you ask her nicely, she’ll make you one!


John A. Kane, Esq. is the Regulatory and Policy Consultant for PAR while simultaneously maintaining his law practice as Principal of Offit Kurman. Also known as Jack, he worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Chief Counsel to the Department of Public Welfare for twenty three years. During this time he won numerous awards including Government Lawyer of the Year from the PA BAR Association, the American Association of Public Welfare Attorney’s Award, the award for Excellence in Healthcare Law and the award for Commitment to Equal Justice for all Persons from the PA Legal Aid Network. Whew, mouthful.

When Jack isn’t busy job juggling, you can find him sipping on the finest wine PA has to offer.



Mel is one of the Commonwealth’s most respected and consulted experts in intellectual disability and autism. His lifetime commitment to people with ID/A began as a vocational trainer and he quickly made his way to becoming the first Residential Director at ENCOR (Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Retardation). Mel’s impressive and hard earned accomplishments led him to be recruited to PA where he led many groundbreaking efforts such as developing community residences, employment services and he helped write the first Medicaid waiver for PA.

When Mel’s not busy helping the Commonwealth close down state institutions, establishing family support programs and preventing neglect and abuse, you could ask him what it was like having a monkey for a pet when he was a child. Or ask him what it’s like growing up in California where humidity isn’t a thing.



Nick has quite an extensive history working in government and with associations in pursuit of legislative support. He started this journey of interest upon graduating from Messiah College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science.

When Nick’s not busy attending key legislative hearings on behalf of PAR members at the Pennsylvania Capitol, he likes to keep busy as an active member of the community. He also likes to join as many sports leagues he can get his hands on.



We have our very own Doctor on staff! Dr. Lisa Mathis that is. Lisa is our new Director of Policy and Administrative Relations here at PAR. She holds a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation from the University of Arkansas, and earned her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Kent State University. Before coming to PAR, Lisa worked as the Director of Provider Resources at the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA). She also spent over a decade overseeing, improving and expanding employment, residential, adult day, and children services for a comprehensive provider in NW Arkansas.

When Lisa isn’t working, you can find her eating all of the veggies and riding one of her three beloved horses.


Born and raised in the Keystone state, it’s only fitting she attend Penn State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Policy and Administration. Lauren interned with PAR not once, not twice, but three times. It was during these times she grew a passion to understand the intersection between public policy, association advocacy and all the operational pieces that it takes for an association to run smoothly. With an added layer of IT expertise, we just couldn’t let her go so we brought her on board as PAR's Operations Manager. You know what they say, fourth time’s a charm.

When Lauren isn’t working, she’ll be on a hot sandy beach somewhere not at all close to here because there aren’t any, jumping waves and getting sun(burnt).


Kar’Meisha graduated from Lincoln University where she majored in Health Science with a double minor in Sociology and Human Services. And it’s important to note that Lincoln University was the nation’s first degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

Kar’Meisha’s experience fans across ten years in healthcare where she held various roles such as, but not limited to, outpatient surgery and phlebotomy. However, Kar’Meisha’s not quite done furthering her experience or her education. Soon, after joining PAR as the Policy & Administrative Assistant, she’ll graduate (again) in January 2022 with her Master’s Degree in Public Health and Health Administration from Grand Canyon University. Whew! No biggie.

When Kar’Meisha isn’t busy being busy, she’s busy shopping (and adding to her collection of awesome glasses), busy cooking, busy adding stamps to her passport, and the best kind of busy…spending quality time with family and friends.


Rhonda comes to us with over 10 years of Administrative Assistant experience. She is from a small town in upstate New York and relocated to Harrisburg when she got married. She chose to be a stay at home mom while raising her children and then joined Capital Business Systems, Inc. to get back into the working world. She has also been at Ballroom Break teaching ballroom dancing classes for 30 years – ask her how many times she has had to teach the electric slide.

When Rhonda isn’t working, she will be on her back porch enjoying the peaceful ambiance. She also loves spending time with her family, especially her two grandsons who call her Gogo instead of grandma.


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