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Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability
4 Lemoyne Drive, Suite 203
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: 717-236-2374
Email: [email protected]

To reach a PAR employee directly, please call 717-236-2374 and dial the extension below: 

Mark Davis, President & CEO - x501

Lauren Quigley, Operations Manager - x503

Ilana Gruber, Policy and Education Associate - x504

Lisa Mathis, Director of Policy - x506

Mel Knowlton, Policy Consultant - x507

Candy Condran, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO - x509 

Rhonda Westman, Administrative Assistant - x510

Kammi Bredbenner, Marketing & Member Services Director - x511

JoAnn Reitz, Bookkeeper - x512