Pennsylvania Advocates and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Political Action Committee (PAR ID/A PAC)


A PAC (Political Action Committee) is an organization that individuals collectively contribute personal resources to, with the intended purposes of supporting candidates who are seeking public office. Last year, the PAR ID/A PAC was created in order to enhance PAR’s advocacy in state and federal matters and serves as an important tool for PAR’s advocacy.

Our standard advocacy efforts alone are not always enough to carry our message to those making the decisions but having a PAC will continue to provide more time and access with elected officials and their staff, and will help the PAR message and mission reach all levels of government. 

The PAR ID/A PAC plans to show its support in multiple ways. The most common of which is by endorsing candidates for office and by making direct contributions to support candidate’s election campaign efforts. PACs can also be used to purchase ads, mailers, or other media to get our message out for a specific issue or in support or opposition of a candidate.

PAR wants to make sure that everyone who would like to be involved with the PAC is given the opportunity to do so. Any member organization of PAR, may sign our authorization form, authorizing PAR to contact your “Restricted Class” employees to support the PAR ID/A PAC.  

PAR ID/A PAC is required by Federal law to obtain authorizations to solicit support from its members’ Restricted Class employees. Click the button below to complete the authorization form.

Authorization Form

You can refuse the prior approval by not signing the authorization form.



Federal Campaign Finance (FEC) Regulations requires the PAR ID/A PAC to password protect its online contribution form. If you would like to obtain the password, please be sure to complete the authorization form linked above and we will email it to you.

If you have already completed the authorization form, and have received your password, click the button below to log in. Once you are signed in, you will be able to view upcoming PAC events and will have access to the online contribution form.

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