Exhibitors have the chance to secure a half hour time slot during the lunch hours and breaks throughout all three days of the conference. All conference attendees were welcome to join the Lunch & Learn Exhibitor presentations and informative sessions. Check out the organizations who exhibited below!


MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 @ 12:15 - 12:45 pm

Direct Care Innovations (DCI)

Brian Perry, VP of Sales
[email protected]

Direct Care Innovations (DCI) is an industry leading state of the art Business Management platform specifically designed for Medicaid service providers. We provide EVV, Time and Attendance, Scheduling, Client Transportation Tracking, Training and Compliance, Authorization Management, and Goal and Task Tracking. All of DCI’s modules work seamlessly together to provide unparalleled ease of use, compliance, and usable data. We give you power of your data through automation to reduce overtime, increase utilization, and control your budget. This allows you to put money back in the hands of your direct care workers! Contact us to learn more about DCI or our Contactless EVV at 480-295-3307 or at [email protected].

DCI will be raffling off a $100 Amazon gift card to one attendee.


Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Derrick Smith, Senior Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Angerene Aldridge, Benefits Advisor
[email protected]

In 2012 Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services was founded with the mission to reduce health insurance costs for nonprofits and their employees. With their flagship program Nonstop Wellness, Nonstop has saved nonprofits millions in premiums and employee out-of-pocket costs. Today, Nonstop serves nonprofits and for-profits in their missions to provide health insurance that isn’t a financial burden to staff and that supports recruitment and retention efforts -- all at a reduced cost than a traditional health insurance plan. Nonstop is a top choice for innovative business leaders tired of the current broken model of health insurance purchasing.

All attendees will receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts E-gift card for joining!


Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy

Ricardo Ortega, Director of Sales and Marketing
[email protected]

Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy exclusively serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to lift the burden of medication management from providers by reducing workload, minimizing cost, and providing an unprecedented level of online accessibility through our pharmacy portal.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 @ 3:30 - 4:00 pm

CaraSolva, Inc.

Kevin Luff, COO

[email protected]

CaraSolva’s eMAR and point-of-care management software is designed to automate and simplify the daily tasks performed by nurses, professional caregivers, and family members caring for individuals in their community. The simple, efficient, and secure web-based system provides caregivers the functionality and more time to do what they do best; care for people, improve health outcomes, and provide care-coordination. CaraSolva’s cornerstone service, MedSupport, is intelligence that organizes and automates repeatable functions. MedSupport auto-schedules medications and events, events such as vitals, activities, running reports, and scheduling calendar functions. Customizable alerts keep management and staff well-informed.

CaraSolva will be raffling off a $150 REI gift certificate to one attendee!


Streamline Healthcare Solutions

Kevin Sullivan, Director of Client Solutions
[email protected]

Streamline Healthcare Solutions has been providing EHR software solutions to behavioral healthcare organizations since 2003. Our meaningful use certified system, SmartCare™, is built for the delivery, management, and coordination of healthcare services. Our web-based software solutions are well suited for organizations that wish to have one system that can map and incorporate its entire business processes to a single solution.


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 @ 11:00 - 11:30 am

Anderson Center for Autism

Tracy Schober, Senior Admissions Administrator
[email protected]

Anderson Center for Autism’s (ACA) mission is to optimize quality of life for individuals with autism. Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley Region, two hours north of New York City, ACA provides residential and educations programs to students ages 5-21 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. At the Anderson Center for Autism, our evidence-based methods demonstrate realistic, steady progress and consistently make a different in the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

Based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), our treatment approach focuses on techniques and interventions that use reinforcement to teach our individuals the skills they need to strive for independence and reach their full potential. Our professional team administers ABA programs that comprehensively address each individual's educational, emotional and social needs in a proactive, positive manner.

We understand that autism dramatically affects the lives of all who face it. For families, the autism community and public organizations, Anderson Center is uniquely qualified to serve as a valuable, compassionate resource by providing education, support and outreach services, and information aimed at delivering assistance and increasing overall autism awareness.


CapGrow Partners

Megan Hartnett, Business Development Manager
[email protected]

CapGrow Partners helps organizations provide safe and appropriate housing for individuals with a brain injury, behavioral health needs and intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide tailored lease programs and develop long-term relationships that allow our partners to focus greater time and resources on fulfilling their operational goals and objectives. CapGrow Partners owns hundreds of homes in dozens of states across the country and enable organizations to improve the lives of those individuals they help.  


Foothold Technology

Elliot Massuda, Strategic Partnerships Manager
[email protected]

Transform the way you provide care with nimble software and a partnership guided by experience. Foothold Technology is a premier, nationwide human services electronic health record software company. Founded in 2000 and based in New York City, Foothold’s client community currently consists of 1,000 provider agencies across 28 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Foothold’s software, AWARDS, was developed by human services professionals for use by human services professionals. AWARDS supports agencies providing a wide range of services including mental health, alcohol and substance use, intellectual and developmental disabilities, homelessness and housing, employment and training, seniors, veterans, and other therapeutic services to individuals and families, children and adults. Our service model ensures that each and every client benefits from the wealth of knowledge present in our entire client community. Learn more and get in touch with us at https://footholdtechnology.com/.



Michelle Saunders, Business Developmental Consultant
[email protected]

Since 2003, we have made it our mission to enhance the lives of individuals supported by service organizations by providing agencies the tools they need to focus on meaningful outcomes for the people they serve. Therap’s electronic record and associated functionality is built on our decades of experience as state employees, service providers, managers, and administrators who understand both the challenges and rewards of quality service provision. As a result, we possess a dedication to creating efficiencies, streamlining processes, securely connecting people and exchanging information, and integrating all aspects of service delivery – all while maintaining a focus on individuals, families, and the professionals who support them. In addition to our experience in service provision, Therap also understands the necessity of a dynamic platform that has both the adaptability and dependability to meet the ever-evolving needs of providers and government entities. Therap’s robust development and operations teams possess decades of experience in IT security and development, and that expertise is reflected in a system that is both comprehensive and flexible while also supported by a world class security infrastructure that exemplifies our perpetual commitment to data integrity and security. This dedication has led us to becoming the national leader in the industry, supporting providers in all 50 states and internationally, while also meeting the diverse needs of 20 different state contracts across the country. Our partnerships with providers, communities of practice, and a comprehensive array of local/national leadership continue to inform our ongoing development and commitment to being the best at what we do.


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 @ 12:45 - 1:15 pm

HRS, Inc.

Dr. Craig Escude, President
[email protected]

Training your support staff is vital to reduce risk.

“The Fatal Five” eLearn course is the leading online training course in the five preventable causes of death in the field of IDD. The online format eliminates the cost of hiring staff trainers or reserving classroom space.  You can’t afford not to add this course to your library of risk reduction tools.

Join this session to learn about this and HRS’s other exclusive online courses that train everyone from DSPs to nurses and even physicians in the fundamentals of IDD healthcare and risk reduction. We’ll talk about specific courses as well as books, posters and other things to help people you support live lives they love.

HRS, Inc. will be raffling off 3 $25 Amazon gift cards to participants of their Lunch & Learn session!


Penn-Mar Consulting

Michael F. Shriver, Director
[email protected]

Kevin Walker, Director of Business Development
[email protected]

Penn-Mar Human Services supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland through a variety of person-centered services. With the launch of Penn-Mar Consulting, we are excited to bring over 100 years of multi-disciplinary leadership experience to organizations looking to take a bold step forward. Our team of subject matter experts is well-versed in the diverse aspects of leadership, organizational transformation, innovative approaches, and industry trends.

In our session, we'll address Innovative Approaches to DSP Recruitment & Retention. *All attendees will be entered to win a free, private, 30-minute session with a member of our consulting team.*


Qualifacts & Credible 

Laurie Cramer - Regional Sales Manager
Julia McConnell - Senior Solutions Consultant

Qualifacts is one of the most trusted technology providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for behavioral health and human services organizations. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts and its EHR platform, CareLogic®, helps customers focus on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while also keeping them ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

With over 20 years of innovation and experience, Credible is committed to improving the quality of care and lives in behavioral health for clients, families, providers, and management. Since its founding in June 2000, Credible has Partnered with more than 475 Partner Agencies in 38 states. Credible is proud to provide secure, proven, easy-to-use, web-based software for clinic, community, residential and mobile care providers leveraging a true Partnership approach.


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 @ 11:30 - 12:00 pm

enkompas Solutions

Christopher Parry, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

enkompas was founded in 1997 to provide strategically aligned business and technology services to the small and medium market. Since our inception, enkompas has developed the widest and deepest spread of strategic planning, service offerings, and measurements that drive value and generate results for any business we engage. Our services range from user and network support to strategic technology guidance. enkompas is a 20 year old Strategically Placed, Technology Consultancy that brings to market 4 discrete Silos of offerings:

  • Cyber Security Consulting and Solutions
  • Business Resiliency Solutions (Voice and Data)
  • Managed Support (Supporting more than 7000 End Users across the USA)
  • SharePoint and IT Staffing Services

enkompas will be raffling off three $100 Amazon gift cards during their presentation!


Millin Associates

Jim Wisz, Executive Director of Operations
[email protected]

Millin has provided revenue cycle management services and software to health and human service agencies, since 1982. While many companies have increased the variety of software and services they provide, often stretching themselves thin, Millin has doubled down on its revenue cycle management expertise and software capabilities. Today, as Medicaid withdraws from the reimbursement business and hands it over to various Managed Care Organizations, our services and software have become not just valuable, but essential.

Millin Associates will be raffling off a VR headset by Oculus to one attendee!



Jason Ray, President
[email protected]

SimplyHome is a national enabling technology company that has been developing technology solutions for 16 years to support individuals with disabilities in meeting their self-determined goals and gaining greater independence in their homes while ensuring caregiver peace of mind. SimplyHome’s sensor-based systems can adapt over time to support independent living skills while alleviating concerns about cooking safety, medication adherence, and the risk of wandering or falls. Caregivers are notified only when they are needed, promoting the highest level of independence possible for the individual. SimplyHome provides organizations with technology tools, education, and ongoing support to successfully embrace technology and integrate it into their established care model. SimplyHome works directly with self-advocates, families, caregivers, provider organizations, and state and national agencies with the mission to empower independence through innovation.