Political Action Committee

The PAR ID/A PAC provides PAR members the opportunity to raise funds and make contributions to support worthy elected officials and candidates for elected federal and state office who believe in and have demonstrated their support of the mission of provider organizations to serve and support Pennsylvania's children and adults with autism or intellectual disability. 


Charlie Hooker, Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer
Keystone Human Services, Inc.
[email protected]

Mr. Hooker is the President and Chief Executive Officer for Keystone Human Services. Throughout his 40 years of professional experience in human services, Mr. Hooker has been a strong voice of support for all people to live full, meaningful lives within their communities. His commitment to the founding vision of Keystone had led to significant organizational growth, renewed focus on supporting individual advocacy, and an emphasis on inclusive education and sustainable competitive employment opportunities for people with disability. 

Under his leadership, Keystone has been working to ensure inclusion in all aspects of our communities. In the United States, Keystone provides intellectual disability, autism, and mental health services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware. KHS operates an internationally recognized assistance dog program and comprehensive Head Start and Early Head Start services in Pennsylvania. In 2003, Keystone expanded its work into Eastern Europe and most recently into the Republic of India.

Mr. Hooker currently serves as a Board member for the Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities (PAR), the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) InterAction, William Penn Human Services (WPHS), and WITF (the PBS affiliate in Harrisburg, PA).