In-Person Leadership Institute

Thursday & Friday // October 19 & 20
Day 1 10:30 am - 5:00 pm // Inperson
Day 2 9:00 am - 3:00 pm // Inperson

The topics covered in this 2-Day Leadership Training include positive communication strategies for managers, critical management skills, crisis management, and developing a positive workplace culture. These training sessions enhance communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and workplace dynamics. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate in various contexts, motivate staff, handle crises, and foster a positive and appreciative work environment. Participants will also learn through role play scenarios, behavioral demonstration and other humorous activities!

The Developmental Disability and Autism field presents significant communication challenges for managers/supervisors on a daily basis. The key to present and future agency success will be how well communications are performed between supervisors/managers and staff. This training topic is ideal for managers that are being hindered by communication issues large and small. Topics will include how to effectively communicate in an electronic age, how to present your ideas in public, understanding and communicating to diverse workplace personalities and the impact of body language and tone.  In addition, as conflict is an inevitable part of a manager’s experience, this presentation will assist participants in developing active, positive strategies for dealing with conflict situations.

Learning targets include communicating with employees of all generations and levels of responsibility, understanding your audience and their need for electronic conversation versus face-to-face, and self-awareness as it relates to effective communication.  In addition, you will learn tactics and methods that promote and support healthy and productive conflict.

Agencies serving individuals with DD remain faced with significant challenges in recruiting and retaining a new generation of staff. With this session, The Impact Group will provide the managers with a general overview of leadership concepts that impact all elements of the workplace. Topics include supervision of classified and certified staff, dealing with generational dynamics, motivational strategies, enhancing communication and conflict resolution.

Learning targets include the ability to set clear expectations, how to run an “impactful” meeting, how to motivate your staff, how to communicate effectively, how to have difficult accountability discussions, conflict resolution, and awareness of your own leadership beliefs/style.

It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Are you ready? Any threat to your trust or reputation is a crisis. This crisis communications session is paramount for those wishing to understand the intricate facets and critical components of managing a crisis while maintaining clarity and composure. This session will allow you to work towards a culture of transparency and trust before, during, and after a crisis event. 

Learning targets include how to deal with the media during a high-pressure situation, how to frame a response, why you should never say “no comment” and what you should say instead, how to keep your staff and stakeholders calm and composed, how and when to heal from a crisis.

A high-quality, positive culture is critical for your agency’s success. With this session, you will understand the vital importance of a positive workplace culture and the tremendous benefit it can have on performance, recruitment and retention of all employees. All too often, the culture of an organization focuses on the negative aspects of daily interactions and outcomes. But what if our focus on negativity is actually caused by negativity itself? This powerful session will provide the antidote – methods and strategies to drive positivity throughout your organization. A must for those leaders wishing to create a dynamic team and culture of appreciation. 

Learning Targets include:

  • What is appreciation?
  • How to create a culture of appreciation
  • How to effectively utilize appreciation to motivate others
  • The power of connection
  • How to develop clear behavioral expectations
  • How to implement appreciation strategies (what does appreciation look like?)
  • How to use appreciation in electronic mediums
  • How to catch people doing something right