Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is composed of PAR Member human resources professionals with a common goal to assist each other and share resources and best practices. This includes human resource trends, recruitment and retention strategies, state requirements including background checks and issues relevant to the field. Members share procedures and policies that work effectively within their own organizations that may assist other members.

Jennifer Fenton, Co-Chair

HR Director
Supportive Behavioral Resources, Inc.
[email protected]




Robert Redcay, Co-Chair

Director of Human Resources
Friendship Community
[email protected]

Robert Redcay started his career at Friendship Community in 2000 as the Director of Human Resources. Prior to 2000, Bob worked in both the mental health and substance abuse fields for over 15 years as a Licensed Social Worker. He and his wife also worked as Houseparents at Philhaven’s halfway house from 1981-1984. He holds two Social Work degrees. His undergraduate work was completed at Eastern Mennonite University and graduate work at Marywood College. Bob believes in the Mission of Friendship Community, and finds it very fulfilling to be part of a Christian-based not-for-profit that is serving others by creating a quality of life for them. He enjoys all the variety that consists in his job, as well as the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other professionals. He and his wife have been married for over 35 years, and have two children. Their daughter teaches high school history in Massachusetts and their son is continuing his engineering career in Philadelphia and nearby New Jersey. In his spare time, Bob’s passions include bicycling, creating works of art - some of which he exhibits at the Friendship Heart Gallery, volunteering at church and reading for continued professional growth.