Federal Advocacy

In addition to providing support, influence and advocacy on the state level, PAR provides its members with influence, resources, and advocacy on the federal level.

PAR is engaged in a 100% membership pilot with our national association, ANCOR. This agreement allows all PAR provider members to be full members of ANCOR through their membership with PAR. PAR is extremely active and engaged with ANCOR, both in providing them with input and feedback and with sharing their calls to action and information with PAR members.


Our partnership with ANCOR on the federal front is critical. PAR members are funded approximately half by state appropriations and half by federal Medicaid dollars through the Federal Medicaid Match. Threats on the national front to reduce Medicaid funding or revert to block grants could drastically impair funding for Intellectual Disability/Autism services. Funding is desperately needed and PAR is working with ANCOR to combat any threats to this critical Medicaid funding.

Alternative Payment and Service Models

PAR President and CEO Mark Davis co-chairs the national Alternative Payment Models Workgroup with ANCOR. This workgroup has visited various states and British Columbia, Canada to learn about innovative alternative service and payment models. The workgroup is developing a report to provide recommendations to the ANCOR Board of Directors and the PAR Board of Directors with suggestions about how to combine the best aspects of each model. Click here to learn about PAR’s Pennsylvania Alternative Payment and Service Models Taskforce.

Improving Lives & Ensuring Sustainability: Implementing Alternative Payment Models in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Service Directory

Isaiah Baker/Margie Harris Austin Bill or Hospital Bill

PAR works with ANCOR on federal legislation. In April 2020, the Isaiah Baker/Margie Harris Austin (the “Hospital Bill”) was passed. This bill is named after Margie Harris Austin, who served on the Governor’s Advisory Council with former PAR President and CEO Shirley Walker. Margie tragically passed away from a heart attack just minutes after delivering a passionate plea about the need to allow Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to accompany the individuals they support when they are admitted to hospitals. PAR and ANCOR acted quickly and the legislation was passed in April 2020.

For more information about PAR’s federal advocacy work with ANCOR, please visit www.ancor.org. All PAR provider members are full members of ANCOR through your membership with PAR. If you would like information about accessing ANCOR’s benefits, please email us at [email protected].