2380/2390/CPS Services Committee

The 2380/2390/CPS Services Committee addresses unique concerns and issues pertaining to the operation of Adult Training Facilities (governed by Chapter 2380) and Vocational Facilities (governed by Chapter 2390) licensed by the Office of Developmental Programs. The group meets quarterly to review best practices regarding providing Community Participation services, regulatory compliance, billing practices and how to best serve individuals supported in facility-based employment/day programs and transition to CPS.


Stephen Bruce, Co-Chair

Vice President of Operations
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Pennsylvania
[email protected]

Steve Bruce is the Operations Vice President of Adult Services for Devereux. He has close to 30 years’ experience in non-profit leadership with the depth of his experience in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, and intellectual and developmental disabilities with services spanning across pediatrics through the adult life span. Before joining Devereux in May 2015, Steve was President and CEO of Midland, a provider of educational, residential and day services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New Jersey. Prior to that role, Steve was a team member at Bancroft for a significant part of his career - ranging from Area Supervisor early in his career to his most recent roles which included Vice President of Planning/Marketing/Admissions, Vice President of Clinical Operations, and Vice President of Strategic Planning. In addition, Steve is a board-certified behavior analyst and has served as an adjunct professor at Temple University, where he taught courses in applied behavior analysis. He holds a Master’s Degree from Temple University in Special Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has also completed doctoral courses at Temple University in Educational Psychology.



Carrie Kontis, Co-Chair

Vice President for Intellectual Disability Services
Barber National Institute
[email protected]

Ms. Kontis has been integral in the development and expansion of the Lifesharing through Family Living program at the Barber National Institute. She remains focused on assuring best practices are central to Lifesharing. She currently serves on the Office of Developmental Programs Planning and Advisory Committee and the State and Regional Lifesharing subcommittees.

Ms. Kontis is currently the Director of Community Habilitation and Lifesharing Services at the Barber National Institute. She began her career as a live-in house manager and held positions as program specialist, associate director and most recently, Director of Residential Services.

Ms. Kontis has worked in the field for many years helping to develop and expand services including Lifesharing through Family Living, Respite Care, Supported Living, Community Homes and Specialized Single Person homes. Ms. Kontis received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Lock Haven University and a Master’s of Science degree in Health Service Administration from Gannon University .