Night Supervisor

Woods Services

Position Description:
Responsible to have a clear understanding of and maintain an operational knowledge of Woods’ Vision, Mission, and Core Values. Woods’ Core Values of Health and Safety, Respect, Innovation, Leadership, Advocacy, and Courage are to be applied to all aspects of each management staff’s role and responsibilities.  

Responsible for the delivery, monitoring, and documentation of client care consistent with the program philosophy. Responsible for nightly observations and supervision of Residential Counselors. Resolves, in conjunction with Security and Nursing personnel, unusual situations during the shift, including the documenting and reporting of such incidents. Perform all other duties as assigned for the effective and efficient operation of the program.

Staff Relations 

  • Create a safe work environment that promotes open communication in which staff feel safe in reporting concerns 
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing 
  • Seek staff’s input, encourage creativity, and empower staff to make decisions 
  • Facilitate staff teamwork 
  • Encourage staff to maintain appropriate boundaries between personal and professional issues 
  • Teach, coach, counsel and provide feedback and support to staff in achieving direct support competencies 

Facilitating and Supporting Individual Relations 

  • Maintain contact with supported individuals, their families, and team members 
  • Evaluate quality of supports to the individual and make recommendations for improvements 
  • Have knowledge of available resources within the organization and advocate for services that would benefit the individual 
  • Educate communities about people with developmental disabilities and promote positive community relations 

Program Planning and Monitoring 

  • Monitor implementation of individual support and behavior intervention plans and provide feedback to staff 
  • Provide input for individual’s goals 
  • Implement systems and procedures to ensure individuals receive required levels of supervision 
  • Review incident reports and follow up as necessary 
  • Ensure active engagement of individuals by direct care staff 
  • Conduct nightly observations of each assigned home to monitor staff performance as it relates to household duties, safety standards, adherence to and documentation of level of supervision. 

Personnel Management

  • Complete supervisory follow up on staff injury reports and address any concerns 
  • Provide feedback to staff on performance, complete performance reviews, and issue disciplinary action when necessary 
  • Attend all employee relations related meetings as required (i.e. unemployment hearings) 
  • Have a working knowledge of HR policies and procedures and seek consultation when necessary 
  • Communicate with other supervisors and support personnel (i.e. security, safety office, facilities, human resources, and health services) to effectively resolve concerns 
  • Listen and respond to staff questions and crises and follow up as needed 
  • Initiate discussions and facilitate debriefing sessions with staff following use of emergency restraint and other significant incidents 
  • Demonstrate ability to prioritize tasks and delegate appropriately 
  • Manage personal stress 
  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of staff 
  • Monitor, report, and address employee job satisfaction as well as staff turnover 

Leading Training and Staff Development Activities 

  • Inspire and motivate staff to achieve high levels of performance 
  • Attend in-service training and work with direct supervisors to develop a personal development plan 
  • Provide orientation and on-the-job training to new staff 
  • Solicit feedback from staff on training needs 
  • Share appropriate training resources and provide on-going training to staff including but not limited to training related to client specific needs 
  • Identify training opportunities for direct support staff 


  • Identify, report, and follow up on household repairs and maintenance tasks 
  • Identify emergency safety issues and ensure immediate reporting and follow up 
  • Delegate, monitor, and ensure that routine household tasks are completed and meet expectations 
  • Complete regular inspections of fire systems, door/window alarms, delayed egress systems. 

Health and Safety Issues 

  • Ensure a safe and comfortable work environment that promotes cohesion amongst staff 
  • Ensure that staff are trained and follow infection control procedures and have all needed supplies 
  • Ensure that staff are trained in the Emergency Preparedness Plan and have opportunities to practice as appropriate 
  • Monitor individuals for physical and mental health-related issues and ensure timely reporting of concerns 
  • Facilitate and ensure that individuals attend all routine medical, dental, and therapeutic appointments 
  • Assist in providing first aid and facilitate emergency medical appointments 
  • Conduct fire and emergency drills and follow up with concerns as needed 
  • Participate as a member of ERT when required 


  • Prepare shift assignments to include supervision requirements 
  • Secure staff to fill vacancies related to use of accrued time 

Policies, Procedures and Rule Compliance 

  • Maintain knowledge of and ensure compliance with licensing and monitoring regulations 
  • Maintain knowledge of and ensure compliance with Woods’ policies and procedures 
  • Ensure consistent implementation of systems to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures 

Office Work 

  • Maintain professional and respectful communications 
  • Respond promptly to all communications (telephone calls/messages, email, pages) 
  • Ensure written communications are concise and grammatically correct 
  • Complete required paperwork and adhere to deadlines 
  • Demonstrate a good working knowledge of the computer and its use for work-related tasks 
  • Complete various office tasks such as photocopying, filing, word processing
  • Be respectful of shared office space and equipment

Specific Requirements and Preferences:

  • Minimum age 21.
  • A demonstrated ability to appropriately acknowledge and respond to the multiple needs of the population served is required; effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds, pursue clients on foot, physically restrain (with appropriate training), bend, squat, and reach. Must be able to stand for several hours at a time. 
  • A valid drivers’ license is required.
  • Prior to employment, medical certification and child abuse clearances are required.
  • Valid drivers’ license and reliable transportation required. Prior supervisory experience preferred.
  • Either A bachelors degree from an accredited college or university and at least 1 year experience working with children OR An associates degree (or 60 credit hours) and at least 3 years experience working with children.
  • Mollie Woods - 6400 Programs
    • Either bachelors degree from an accredited college or university and at least 6 months experience working in the field of human services
    • Or an associates degree (or 60 credit hours) and at least 1 year experience working in the field of human services.

Organization Description:
Woods Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit multi-service population health management and advocacy organization that along with its five affiliate organizations provides innovative, comprehensive and integrated health, education, housing, workforce, behavioral health and case management services to more than 18,000 children and adults in the intellectual and developmental disability, child welfare, behavioral and brain trauma public health sectors who have complex and intensive medical and behavioral healthcare needs.

How to Apply:

Posted March 22, 2021