Never Go Back


The Home and Community Based System for supporting individuals with intellectual disability or autism (ID/A) was born in the 1960s in response to exposés on the inhumane conditions of state institutions, where individuals with disabilities were kept hidden away from society. Most of the state institutions have been closed since the 1960s, but there are still 4 state institutions supporting about 800 individuals in Pennsylvania.

PAR Position

PAR's position is that individuals with intellectual disability or autism should be served in the least restrictive setting possible. Home and community based settings have been shown to produce far better outcomes for individuals with autism and intellectual, their families, and the greater community. PAR supports legislation (House Bill 1650), consistent with Federal policy, to close the 5 remaining state institutions and implement a planful, transparent, inclusive, person-centered process to transition the roughly 800 individuals remaining in institutions to home and community based settings.

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Support the Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance
The Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance's (PMPA's) mission is to promote an understanding of the struggle for dignity and full civil rights for persons with disabilities, using the little-known history at Pennhurst. By sharing this tragic story as well as its landmark victories, we seek to educate citizens in local, national and international communities, to assure that we never go back. You can support PMPA by:

SB 353
PAR supports Senate Bill 353, which would allow PMPA to purchase some of the Pennhurst property to preserve for historical purposes. Send your legislator an email today asking them to support SB 353!

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