Lifesharing Committee

Lifesharing is a unique opportunity for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or autism to live an everyday life as part of a family and integrate into their communities, thus providing the most natural opportunity outside of independent living. The Lifesharing service can be provided by certain members of the birth family or by a host family. The goal of the PAR Lifesharing committee is to provide a networking forum for PAR members providing Lifesharing services to identify and act on the changes that need to occur to ensure this service is not only preserved for the future but provide a true opportunity to expand and serve more individuals. Committee members identify issues, problems, and successes related to Lifesharing and will develop recommendations to resolve the critical issues that are impacting access to this service.

Janice Knowlton, Co-Chair

Vice President of Autism and Intellectual Disability Services
Access Services
[email protected]

Janice began working in the field of Intellectual Disabilities in 2002 after graduating from Arcadia University with a BA in Psychology. In 2004, she joined Access Services and has held several positions within the organization since that time. Additionally, she has worked as a registered nurse specializing in geriatric psychiatry and is an active member of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association. She is passionate about providing quality service to those in need.


Rebecca Kreischer, Co-Chair

Service Director
BOLD, Inc.