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The Waiting List has three levels:

  • Emergency: Individuals who must be served immediately
  • Critical: Individuals who will require support within two years
  • Planning: Individuals whose anticipated needs are more than two years but let less than five years

The Waiting List also includes young people who have the entitlement of special education from ages 3 to 21 and then find themselves on the waiting list for services when they graduate. Referred to as “Falling Off the Cliff,” individuals who have received services and supports during their formative years are often forced to “graduate to the couch” and lose the skills developed earlier in life and then face a struggle to gain independence and to make progress in their adult years.

Without full support, many family members and caregivers, especially single parent households or households with elderly members, struggle to take care of themselves and pay the bills while also supporting a family member with an intellectual disability or autism.