Fleet Specialist


Position Description:

  • Ensures that the safety and well-being of the Individuals is protected at all times and that the rights of the Individuals are observed at all times
  • Monitors daily activity of all KenCCID vehicles utilizing the Trimble GPS Tracking system
  • Trains employees on vehicle operations to include use of wheelchair operating function for safety/security of the Individuals; general rules, policies and procedures
  • Investigates vehicle accidents, provides input to Executive Director on the negotiation for any possible settlements and authorizes any repairs or maintenance of organization vehicles
  • Plans and heads the operations of all vehicles •Communicates with insurance carriers after accidents for repairs and follow ups
  • Facilitates and assure safe towing and removal of vehicles
  • Develops and maintains efficient vehicle performance standards, procedures and policies
  • Improve vehicle/fleet administration standards and policies for KenCCID vehicle operation
  • Makes recommendations for and maintains department budget for Executive Director
  • Creates preventative vehicle maintenance programs and evaluation schedules
  • Prepares vehicle specifications for lease/purchase based on KenCCID needs and usage
  • Records start/stop times, destinations, speed, and idling times
  • Performs analysis of the Trimble data to determine acceptable routes to actual routes taken
  • Uses the accurate application to determine whether the most efficient routes are being used
  • Identifies and logs all vehicles that do not comply with the speed limit
  • Pinpoint vehicles that idle for longer than 5 minutes
  • List vehicles that are in use after 7 p.m.
  • Identifies vehicles that are not parked in a KENCCID designated parking space after 7 p.m.
  • Submit daily and weekly reports containing analytical data from daily tracking findings for Program Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Residential Directors’ review
  • Responds to any questions from Executive Director regarding daily GPS tracking findings
  • Performs additional analysis in order to clarify inquiries regarding activity of specific vehicles
  • Provides additional reports upon request
  • Directs repair, service and maintenance of organization vehicles
  • Arranges for state inspection for all vehicles
  • Develops and supervises vehicle preventive maintenance schemes
  • Assures accuracy of parts
  • Reviews periodic repair procedures to ensure completeness, accuracy and efficiency
  • Recommends vehicles meant for replacement and arranges for necessary disposal or auction
  • Assess training needs
  • Update other employees on current vehicle/fleet status 
  • Create and implement performance testing procedures and policies
  • Maintains and oversee inventories
  • Performs other duties as required
  • This job description is subject to sudden change

Organization Description:
KenCCID strives to promote dignity and choice to empower Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities reach their full potential.

How to Apply:
Please apply via Indeed via searching for KenCCID

Posted September 27, 2022