Developing Capacity to Support Individuals with High Needs Ad Hoc Committee

The Developing Capacity to Support Individuals with High Needs Ad Hoc Committee is focused on meeting the unique and individual needs of people with ID/A who have significant health or behavioral challenges or dual diagnoses within an Everyday Lives framework. Members discuss best practice and how to maximize available resources to meet individual needs and provide or facilitate mentoring to PAR members as requested.


Ruth Siegfried, Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer
InVision Human Services
[email protected]

Ruth Siegfried's human services career began over 40 years ago as a Direct Support Professional in residential services. Over those four decades, Ruth’s devotion has centered around community services for children and adults who experience challenges due to mental health issues, intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, autism, and other disabilities. Ruth established InVision Human Services in 1992, specifically to provide services to those people who are often left underserved by traditional programs, usually due to multiple challenges. Today, InVision supports more than 500 people throughout Pennsylvania. The company has experienced exponential growth, and strives to be seen as a 'provider of choice' in Pennsylvania, and now comprises a parent company and three subsidiaries. InVision also has a Global Partnerships program, where employees support several organizations in South Africa. In addition to serving on the PAR Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and participating on and leading PAR committees, Ruth’s professional affiliations include; Board of Directors Secretary for William Penn Human Services; Advisory Board Member for FICE-USA; Board of Directors President for The Provider Alliance. Ruth is a founder of several organizations: Network for Quality Services in PA, The Provider Alliance, and William Penn Human Services. In her private time, Ruth is a well respected and expert equestrian.