CPS Communities of Practice Ad Hoc Subcommittee of 2380/2390/CPS Services Committee

The PAR CPS Communities of Practice Subcommittee answers to the PAR 2380/2390/CPS Committee. This subcommittee will focus on issues unique to providers who operate creative non-typical integrated programs. The subcommittee will summarize the importance of such programs and develop recommendations that, after being approved by the PAR 2380/2390/CPS Committee and PAR Board, would be presented to ODP for consideration as a pilot or long-term service option.  

Gwen Schuit, Chair

Chief Executive Officer
Friendship Community
[email protected]

Gwen Schuit started her career at Friendship Community as CEO seven years ago. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters Degree in Education from Widener University. She worked in direct care through college and seemed to always be given leadership roles. After working as a Nurse in various hospital departments, Gwen taught Neurology and Rehab Nursing. She earned a Nursing Home Administrator’s License from Millersville University and worked in Retirement Community Administration for over 15 years prior to joining FC. She also worked as a CARF-CCAC Surveyor for eight years, which allowed her to give back to the healthcare industry. She appreciates being able to serve on a couple of Boards that support non-profit work. At FC, Gwen enjoys influencing positive change and outcomes. She loves being an integral part of team development and mentoring eager learners. She is a lifetime student and appreciates learning from others on a daily basis. Gwen continues to thank the Lord for her family, friends and coworkers. They truly have helped her to become who she is and who she is still becoming. Gwen loves to spend time with her grandchildren and also enjoys being outdoors riding her bicycle, sharing sunrises and sunsets with her family, hiking adventures, gardening or reading a great book. Gwen loves to go to horse shows and attend musicals and appreciates different types of art and strives to create masterpieces for fun.