2018 Conference Theme | It's About Relationships
October 22, 23, & 24

The Business of Life is Human Connection and Relationships - Robin Sharma

Fayette Relationships

Strong healthy relationships are the essence and joy of life. In families, among peers, as friends, as colleagues, between employer and employee, between an individual and family being supported and the individuals providing support, between constituents and government officials, in business relationships, in personal relationships, in our treatment of those we do not know or do not understand.

Building. Strengthening. Loving. Accepting of differences. Listening. Kindness. Consideration. Integrity. Commitment.

The principles that guide our behavior are learned. Valuing and respecting and supporting each other is learned behavior. Whether relationships are paid or unpaid, the same principles apply.

Come to the PAR Solutions Conference to teach, learn, share, network, and enjoy the camaraderie of others. It’s About Relationships!