Chief Administrative Officer

Typical Life Corporation
York, PA

Position Description:
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees all centralized administrative functions of the agency. They assist the Executive Director with the day to day operation of the agency by providing Financial, IT, HR, and Facilities information upon which to base decisions.

Specific Requirements and Preferences:

  • Education: Four year degree and extensive experience in non-profit administrative management.
  • Age: Eighteen years of age or older
  • Ability to Drive: Valid PA Drivers license
  • Clearances: Act 13 and 33 clearances
  • Health: Certification from a licensed independent practitioner that the person is free of contagious disease.

Organization Description:
Typical Life Corporation (TLC) is a private, not for profit, charitable organization that was incorporated in 1999. The agency was founded on progressive and innovative techniques in order to improve the quality of services offered to individuals who have a disability. Although disabled, the individuals served by TLC have the same rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to be active members of society. TLC provides support to individuals from York and Adams Counties who are diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. Services are provided via licensed group homes, semi-independent living apartments, in-home support services, and adult training programs. TLC’s purpose is to provide supports and services to assist individuals with disabilities to live a normal life in the community. TLC helps individuals become active members of their community.

How to Apply:
Please visit our website to apply.

Posted June 13, 2022