Associate Director - Residential Services

LifePath, Inc. 

Position Description:
We are seeking a qualified compassionate and dedicated individual for a Middle Management position overseeing a group of supervisors and their respective residential CLA Group Homes in Montgomery County. Homes are located in Pennsburg, Bally and Perkasie and average 2-6 adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The Associate Director will have a day to day office in the Sellersville Building and be expected to visit the CLA Group Homes and attend all required meetings and appointments in alternate locations as required. An Associate Director needs to have excellent communication skills, excellent problem solving abilities, be able to react timely and appropriately in urgent or emergency situations, be able to multi-task, act as a coordinator of services and care, and present and promote a positive work environment and attitude while demonstrating leadership and management skills.

Specific Requirements and Preferences:

  • Support the Mission, Values, and Vision of LifePath.
  • Knowledgeable of consumer rights and ensure an atmosphere which allows for the privacy, dignity and well-being of all consumers in a safe, secure environment.
  • Quality Assurance and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance with current law and policy
  • Use tactful, appropriate communications in sensitive and emotional situations.
  • Promote positive public relations with consumers, family members and guests.
  • Provide quality services through an environment which fosters a high standard of professional excellence, creativity, flexibility and empathetic regard for individual differences.
  • Oversee the training and work performance of Supervisors and Program Specialists. Assign and oversee program mentors.
  • Monitor budgets to ensure all programs operate within assigned limits.
  • Ensure overall quality of programs.
  • Meet regularly with Supervisors: provide direction and guidance, promote relationships, and counsel wherever necessary.
  • Visit residential CLA Group Homes regularly
  • Conduct and manage monthly Supervisor/on-call meetings.
  • Attend county and state meetings, trainings, and events.
  • Attend consumer related meetings and review ISPs quarterly.
  • Respond to consumer and family concerns and assist in their resolution.
  • Manage time efficiently to meet the needs of the program.
  • Assist Supervisors with job responsibilities as needed.
  • Oversee daily management of group home in the absence of a Supervisor
  • Ensure regular review and accountability of consumer finances.
  • Input building maintenance concerns and follow up to ensure that the program environments are safe and in good repair.
  • Become a certified investigator.
  • On call responsibilities.
  • Attend and participate in licensing surveys and enact changes as indicated.
  • Act as liaison/coordinator between nurses and supervisors to ensure optimum medical care for consumers.
  • Provide direct care to consumers in an environment which promotes their rights, dignity, freedom of choice and their individuality.
  • Assist and escort consumers for appointments as needed. Participate in activities and functions as directed.

Organization Description:
For over 40 years, LifePath has been providing a variety of community and residential services to individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities in 7 counties in Pennsylvania. LifePath's programs and services are guided by the principal of everyday lives, an environment of respect and dignity and opportunities to make decisions and choices about one's own life.

How to Apply:

Posted April 26, 2021