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The ID/A Coalition

The Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Coalition (ID/A Coalition) consists of statewide advocacy and provider organizations advocating for services for people with intellectual disability and autism in Pennsylvania.**

PAR is a founding member of the ID/A Coalition and is actively involved in its activities. Many of the budget materials (see sidebar) and talking points PAR uses are materials compiled for and used by the Coalition as a whole. Our voices are stronger when they are unified.

Here are some of the most recent communications to legislators, the state and federal government from the ID/A Coalition.


ID/A System Overview Infographic 

ID/A Workforce Crisis Infographic 


Click here for a chart that shows cost of living increases for Intellectual Disability and Autism services compared to other Medicaid providers, the Home Health Market Basket Index (HHMBI), and increases to the PA General Fund over the last 20 years. (prepared by PAR associate member Wojdak and Associates)


**On April 8, 2011, the statewide provider associations and advocacy organizations that were joined in the Behavioral Health, Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Coalition (BHIDA Coalition, formerly the MH/MR Coalition) established two separate and distinct coalition groups:  the Behavioral Health Coalition and the Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Coalition (ID/A Coalition). These individual coalition groups replace the former BHIDA Coalition.

Coalition members agreed to bring the two coalitions together periodically to share information, pursue common interests and advocacy, and engage in lobbying efforts that support the coalitions. Members have a strong history of accomplishment over two decades and intend to focus their efforts through these two separate coalition groups on developing strategies, solutions, and partnerships to benefit Pennsylvania. 




Let's Make a Change Together

In addition to the ID/A Coalition, PAR is also involved in these policy and budget coalitions.

Click on the images for more budget talking points, resources and details on how you or your organization can get involved:





Better Choices Coalition



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