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Eagle Health Trust

The Eagle Health Trust (EHT) is an outgrowth of the concepts employed by the Eagle Workers' Compensation Trust which is also composed of human service providers. Developed and implemented by a partnership between Genesis Asset Protection, Inc. and Benecon, the EHT offers advantages which include:
  • Greater control over the variables which influence costs – including serving on the EHT governing broad.
  • The ability to earn the “profits” which an insurance carrier would absorb resulting in lower costs.
  • Timely claims and financial information which is provided on a monthly and/or ad hoc basis. There are no surprises or angst at renewal time. Throughout a given policy year, members of the EHT are fully aware of every dollar that goes into and out of the program. This makes for an effective and responsible way of planning!
  • Benefit plan designs are completely flexible and developed individually in conjunction with each EHT member.
  • A reliable means of protection via Stop Loss coverage on an individual and annual aggregate basis. The inherent advantage of augmenting size, within the EHT group, advances the EHT ability to negotiate with Stop Loss Insurance Companies, as well, as other vendor providers.
  • Each member has a separate bank account. It is only responsible to fund its own losses – not other members of the EHT.

To find out more information about the Eagle Health Trust, contact PAR Associate Member, Genesis Asset Protection, Inc.:

Frank A. Menna, CPCU, ARM, ALCM, CJC
(215) 918-0670