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PAR Member Benefits

PAR Members have access to the premier source of comprehensive information and education related to autism and intellectual disability services and supports in Pennsylvania. The benefits of PAR membership are unmatched and add immeasurable value to any eligible organization, whether you are a Provider Member or an Associate Member.

Education and Training
PAR offers state-of-the-art education and training through conferences, webinars, meetings, and other training forums. We bring you the top experts and consultants to meet your organization’s education and training needs.

Publications and Resources
PAR issues PAR Mail publications on an almost daily basis to bring you the latest and best information that you need to operate successfully in the community field of autism 
and/or intellectual disability. PAR also publishes relevant studies, white papers, and guides that are a must-have for organizations that provide autism and/or intellectual disability services in Pennsylvania.

Public Policy Representation
PAR represents its members at all levels of government – local, state, and federal. We work with the legislature, the administration, Administrative Entities, coalitions, advocates, families, and people who have autism and/or intellectual disability to represent the mission of providers to provide quality services and supports.

Access to Legislative, Legal, and Lobbying Expertise
PAR works with the best legislative, legal, and lobbying experts in the state. Our members have the benefit of their expertise on many critical issues.

Technical Assistance
PAR assists members with any issue related to autism and/or 
intellectual disability. We respond quickly and efficiently to member requests for information and assistance.

Networking Opportunities
PAR members enjoy many networking opportunities throughout the year. PAR membership gives access to influential policymakers, consultants, experts in the field, other providers, and many other important stakeholders.

Discounts on Services and Products
PAR members receive significant discounts on several valuable cost-saving services and products, including those listed below: